Oh hello, October! This first season of my bike shop has really flown by and I’m finally able to put some energy into growing the Cargo Bike Life platform. Let me update you with the goals and how you can help.

  1. Cargo Bike Database – I will be making this into a spreadsheet so anyone can help populate information like dimensions (which Genepedia has done a good job starting here).
  2. Cargo Bike Reviews – There are currently 5 cargo bike reviews being worked on and I also plan on linking to other’s videos/articles so please send me info when you write your own reviews on things.
  3. NEW Cargo Bike Classifieds – This is something I am working on this winter in hopes to have a central place for everyone to list their bike and accessory sales. It will be free to consumers and there is a small chance I will charge businesses to list but we will see how much work it is to set up.
  4. NEW Cargo Bike Profiles – Leaving the best for last. When I started Bike Shop Girl 10 years ago it was a website focused on empowering women in cycling. Every Monday I had a “Motivational Monday” where I profiled a woman and her cycling dreams/goals and story. I hope to do that same thing here to share the different stories and cargo bike setups for a weekly cargo bike profile on Cargo Bike Life!


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