Crowdfunding: Blix Packa Electric Midtail Cargo Bike

Blix Packa Electric Midtail Cargo Bike

Blix is taking to Indiegogo to launch their new midtail cargo bike on March 26th, 2019. The new Packa looks unmistakingly like the Tern GSD with the battery mounts at a 45º angle under the rear cargo deck. This midtail could turn some people onto the cargo bike life so let’s dig into what they are offering and my thoughts on it completely based off a press release.

Blix Packa Electric Midtail Cargo Bike

Meet the Blix Packa Electric Midtail Cargo Bike

  • Starting at $1199 on Indiegogo, $1999 advertised retail
  • Sizing: Fits 5’1” – 6’3”
  • 24″ wheels front and back
  • 750W Rear-hub motor, Direct drive
  • Options of 1 or 2 batteries
  • Class 2 electric bike – a throttle up to 20 mph
  • Accessories included: Fenders, lights, running boards & kickstand included
  • 2 Yepp seats (as pictured) are directly mounted to the frame so no adapters are needed
  • Additional accessories will be available at different funding levels
  • Weight: 72 lbs w/ 1 battery, 79 lbs w/ 2 batteries
  • Max weight capacity: 400lbs
  • The rear rack weight limit is 150 lbs and the front is 50 lbs
  • Colors: Electric Blue and White
Blix Packa Electric Midtail Cargo Bike

Thoughts and Opinions

Disclaimer: I haven’t ridden this bike yet and this is all based on press releases.

This Indiegogo is going to win over a unique person. Either you can’t swallow the price of a Bosch/Shimano mid-drive electric cargo bike or you are cargo bike curious and love getting a deal. I do believe this will transform many people’s lives and to bring them into the cargo bike life movement. This isn’t a replacement for a Tern GSD or Benno. The parts selection, frame material, and MOST importantly the motor /battery system aren’t as high quality or long lasting. The system won’t feel as smooth or instant, the components aren’t as durable.

The largest major con I see with this bike is that it is a Class 2 e-bike, with a throttle up to 20-mph. Class 2 bikes are illegal on many trail systems in Colorado and in several other states. I don’t sell Class 2 bikes and really struggle recommending them to families as it really takes the bike part out of riding and it allows you to get to speed that you may not be comfortable or safe to ride.

Update: Blix did message after this article that the throttle is easy to remove to keep this as a Class 1 bike.

Find the Packa on Indiegogo


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