The New ARGO Cargo Bike (v1.01)


You may remember ARGO Cargo (originally LIFT) that hit Kickstarter a couple of years ago with an attachment that turns most standard bikes into a bakfiet, and then back again. We did a couple of videos here and here if you are interested.

The ARGO kickstarter was successfully delivered last year and today they released information on their updated ARGO v1.01.

Based on the video it looks like there are more chrome pieces, a different front tire, and fancy stickers, but knowing Scott (the founder) then there has to be more. ARGO is holding their cards close and other than pricing they are teasing out this new version for a launch date of April 2nd at 11 am EST.

The new version is $1,099 compared to the current $899 (with only a few are left). They do come in a box and need built up. For your reference, our bike shop charges $100-250 for installation depending on your bike for the current version and we have a lot of cargo experience. Your local bike shop pricing will vary on their experience and comfort.

Looking for the new ARGO? We have 5 coming to the shop if you want to pre-order one click here. If you want one of the originals or order direct then book your calendars for April 2nd at 11am EST and visit for more info.

Disclaimer: I am friend’s with the founder and designer of the ARGO Cargo, carry them at my bike shop, and all around fan of the product.


  1. I wonder how well this would work with a hub powered e-bike such as the Rad City. I like the idea of being able to ditch the big if all I’m doing is commuting to work but then having the cargo capacity for hauling the kids.

    • It would really depends what the bottom bracket sensor looks like. The Argo attaches at the bottom bracket, some hub drive systems have a sensor plate that mounts at the same place. Do you have photos of the Rady City bottom bracket area? I’ll go hunt on the internet..


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