Fixing Woom Kid’s Bike with Difficult Shifting

A few years ago, Woom Kids Bikes switched to using microSHIFT twist shifters on many of their bikes. This may have been to save money or during the COVID boom when many shifting parts were completely unavailable. Either way, the microSHIFT twist shifter on many of their bikes can be hard to turn, especially for a kid. Let’s go through the steps I’ve taken on multiple woom bikes to fix the hard-shifting.

Parts Needed to Fix the Problem

microSHIFT Trigger shifter – I’ve used the Mezzo
A New Right Hand Grip – Woom will send you one, but I ordered basic bolt-on grips when I ordered the shifter

Replacing the Shifter

If you’ve never replaced a derailleur cable on a bike, this may be one to leave up to a bike shop. But if your bike is new, this is a great opportunity for you to learn some bike maintenance. Note that the video below shows how to replace the cable. The new shifter has the cable already installed, so you won’t need to put a new one in, and you can start around 8:16 in the video.

Email Woom

In my experience, woom has credited the customer for the repair if the bike is new. Their support email: [email protected]

Let us know if this was helpful and how else we can help you keep your kid’s bike rolling!

  1. Amazing! We struggled through the twister for our 5 year old, but we may swap this out for our younger kiddo. Thanks

  2. My 8 year old struggles with the twist shift. I followed your advice and learned how to install the trigger shifter. I have replaced brake levers, but never adjusted a derailleur before. Thanks for the motivation and help selecting the part.

  3. This is the content I’m desperate for! Does Woom send you the right hand gripper for free?

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