Bosch PowerPack 800Wh Battery for eBike Smart System

Bosch has announced an even bigger size 800Wh PowerPack for their Smart System (Bosch Ebike System 3 or BES3) that fits the same battery harness mounting as the 545Wh and 725Wh as long as your frame has the space for it. Let’s dig into what you should know, the differences in PowerPacks available for the Smart System, and FAQ.

Bosch PowerPack 800Wh Details

Price: $1,102
Weight: 8.6 lbs
Availability: ETA March 2024
Charge time with 4Amp charger:
50% in 2.6 hours from fully depleted
100% in 6.9 hours from fully depleted
Dimensions: 13.5 x 3.7 x 3.9 in (same as the 725Wh!)

But What About the 725Wh?

This is a head-scratcher for me. The form factor of the 725Wh and 800Wh seem to be the same on paper. I haven’t had my hands on an 800Wh to confirm but looking at Bosch’s website the dimensions are the same.

The 800Wh is $1,102 USD and weighs 8.6lbs
The 725Wh is $1,018 USD and weights 8.3lbs

Why did Bosch come out with a slightly larger battery less than a year after the 725Wh? I’m not sure!

545Wh and 725Wh sitting next to each other on my messy bench

What About the 545Wh?

Unlike the 725Wh, I wouldn’t discount the 545Wh for having a very important place in your charging heart. Why? Size, weight, and charge time. I don’t want to carry around an almost 9-pound battery into work or the grocery store when it is super cold or hot. The dimensions of the 545 are also more easy to tuck into bags.

The 545Wh is 6.6lbs and charges 50% in less than 2 hours, and 100% in less than 5. You aren’t charging as much power so fully charging the 725 or 800Wh will get you more range and long-term battery life because you aren’t charging as many full cycles of the battery since the battery is bigger…which is what matters the most when it comes to battery hygiene and longer term lifespan.

Either way, you do you and I’m glad Bosch is giving you options! Hopefully, we will see the elusive PowerMore 250 sooner than later.

Why are Bosch E-Bike Batteries So Expensive?!

This is the most common question I hear about Bosch e-bike systems. Bosch batteries offer high energy density with compact size and low weight. Show me another company that is providing an 800Wh battery with a battery management system and UL rating under 9 pounds that can fit in your messenger bag. Their reliable battery management system makes them the safest on the market. I have not heard of a Bosch battery having a thermal run off because the BMS shuts down the battery.

What is a Battery Management System?

The Battery Management System or BMS is the onboard brain of the battery constantly monitoring and regulating what happens. If your battery is getting too hot, it can “brick” the battery for example to keep it from overheating and catching on fire.

Bosch 800Wh PowerPack FAQ

What bikes does it fit?

Great question! I haven’t had my hands on this battery size yet but based on Bosch’s website the dimensions are the same as the 725Wh. The frame harness and lock cores are also the same as the 545Wh and 725Wh.

800Wh Dimensions: 13.5 x 3.7 x 3.9 in
725Wh Dimensions: 13.5 x 3.7 x 3.9 in

Is the 800Wh worth it over the 725Wh?

The 800Wh is $1,102 USD, weighs 8.3lbs, and is available starting in March 2024
The 725Wh is $1,018 USD, weighs 8.6lbs, and is available now

For me, if I was buying the battery aftermarket then I would get the 800Wh unless I need it now since the 800Wh isn’t available until March.

Will the 800Wh fit my Tern HSD Gen 2 cargo bike?

Yes! Tern in Taiwan has confirmed it will fit.

Here’s a photo of the 725Wh with the same form factor in the HSD Gen 2.

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