How to Use the Bosch Purion E-Bike Display and Controller

Did you recently purchase a new electric bike and want to learn how to use the Bosch Purion controller and display to its full capacity? Scroll down for step-by-step instructions! If you are a visual learner you can find the video at the bottom of this article.

Steps to Using the Bosch Purion E-Bike Controller

1. How to turn on the bike
2. What all the symbols mean
3. How to change modes of assistance
4. How to scroll through trip distance, odometer, range of battery
5. What the battery range means
6. How to reset the trip distance
7. How to turn on the lights
8. How to use walk-assist if it is turned on (some manufacturers don’t enable this)

Bosch Purion E-Bike Controller Buttons

Understanding the layout of your buttons is important as you can use these in combinations to make your bike do clever things!

Turning on Your E-Bike with the Bosch Purion

The Bosch Purion Power Button is at the very top of the controller, hidden out of view if you are on the bike. 

To get more assistance, press the PLUS button

To get less assistance or NO assistance, press the minus button

To use the Purion Walk Function

Some bikes have a walking aid turned on, to do this you press the walk button and then the “+” button after pressing walk.

Bosch Purion E-Bike Display Step-by-Step Button Controls

  • Change units from miles to kilometers: hold the – key and tap the Power button.
  • Reset trip distance: hold the – key and hold the + key for a couple of seconds.
  • Turn On Lights (if they are wired in): hold the + button for a few seconds.
  • Change Menus as you would in a car, hold the – button (trip distance, odometer, range, assist level). These only reflect which assistance mode you are in. For example, if you are in ECO, it tells you the range of the battery using that assistance level. If you are in no assistance it doesn’t tell you any range.
  • Activate Walk Mode, make sure you are in one of the four levels of assist, then press the walk button once and hold the + button to make the motor go. Note that some e-bikes do not have walk mode enabled.

Video Walk Through

Bosch Purion Display Manual

Find all Bosch manuals online here:

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