Cannondale’s New Cargowagen Neo Cargo Bike Line

After a few years of quiet rumors, Cannondale has released their cargo bike lineup – Cargowagen Neo, and the Wonderwagen Neo (not available in the US). Europe has two models in each style of bike, while the US is limited to only one model of the Cargowagen Neo. We are North American based so this article will focus solely on the Cargowagen Neo.

Cargowagen Neo Highlights

  • 20″ wheels with a 2.6″ front tire and 2.15″ rear
  • Suspension fork with 80mm of travel
  • Suspension dropper post
  • Upright handlebars and adjustable stem
  • The rear rack holds 2 kids and up to 176 pounds of cargo
  • Bosch Performance Line motor and the new Bosch smart system.
  • One 545Wh battery but is prewired for a dual battery setup
  • The front headlight is very unique!
  • Quick storage at the step-over point
  • An easy-access charging point at the top of the downtube
  • Frame-mounted front attachment points with a max load of 33lbs
  • One color – Sage
  • Includes dual kickstand, fenders, front and rear lights, ring lock, and running boards

Cargowagen Neo US spec

  • MSRP: $4,300
  • ETA: This winter
  • Bosch Performance Speed motor with speeds up to 28mph, this is a Class 3 system and offers 85Nm of torque
  • Kiox 300 Display
  • 1×10 Shimano Drivetrain
Bosch smart system charging plug

Initial Thoughts

It is exciting to see another large bike brand jump into the cargo bike market with multiple models (in Europe). Cannondale has huge buying power and the ability to put these in dealers nationwide and worldwide where cargo bikes typically wouldn’t be stocked. Much like Specialized and Trek, I hope that they develop the training for their dealers to make these successful but also build and accessorize safely. Great marketing is powerful, but they must make sure their dealers know what they are doing.

Some unknowns for me as I created the Cargo Bike Database product for this:
Max gross vehicle weight: unknown
EFBE tested: unknown
Max rider weight: unknown
Recommended heights: unknown

I haven’t had the opportunity to ride one of these but from the outside it looks like they hit the key requirements of a good cargo bike with their first release. I hope it is successful enough that they keep iterating and taking their own unique Cannondale spin on cargo bikes.

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Cargowagen Neo Geometry

Cannondale CargoWagen Neo Accessories

Cargowagen Neo Pannier Bag

$90 per side
No dimensions available
Includes 2 smaller tote bags that fit inside

Cargowagen NEo Seatpad

$25 per
Attaches with velcro on the bottom

Cargowagen Neo Surround Rail

Cargo Front Rack

33lbs max weight

Commuter Front Rack

33lbs max weight

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