Tern Orox Adventure E-Cargo Bike – What you need to know

Tern is well known for their GSD and HSD e-cargo bike platforms with 20″ wheels. Today, they launched their new adventure e-cargo bike option with 27.5 x 4″ tires offering an insane carrying capacity at 462 lbs max gross vehicle weight and the very best Bosch e-bike systems have to offer. From the Performance Line CX motor with 85Nm of torque, up to 2 x 800Wh PowerPack frame batteries, and the Kiox 300 display. It wouldn’t be a Tern without new super-capable accessories including adjustable Stow Decks for feet and cargo, heavy duty Trail Rack, wheel guards, and huge 72L Cargo Hold 72 panniers.

Here are the 7 things I think you should know! Make sure to ask any questions you may have so I can cover them in another article or video 🙌

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