New Riese & Müller New Cargo Bike Accessories for Packster2, Multicharger, and Multitinker

Riese & Müller has been trickling out new cargo bike accessories over the last few weeks. First, there were the Maxi Cosi adapters for the Load 60/75 and the Packster 70. This week they announced a new Buggy for the Packster2 70 and a Rain Cover for the Multitinker and Multicharger.

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Packster2 70 Buggy

This is a complete unit with an EPP box, roll bar, and rain cover. When ordering, you can configure it for 2 or 3 kids or choose no seats if you want to carry your dog along. 

The side entry is lower than the original box, making it easier for kids and dogs to climb. 

The rain cover has tinted windows to 50 UPF and various ways to roll the windows up, fold them out of the way, and flip up the area between the rider and passengers.

Interestingly, the roll bar isn’t tested for any force, so while it may be marketed as safety protection, there isn’t any testing behind it. It seems like a nice way to install the rain cover and reinforce the EPP box with a cutaway.

The max child height is 22” (56cm) for the double and 27” (68cm) (58 cm) for the third.

Pricing is €349.90. We will update with USD once we have it.

Multitinker and Multicharger Rain Cover

The Multitinker and Multicharger now have a rain cover option. Many folks have figured out how to hack the Tern Storm Shield onto both models, so it is nice to see Riese & Muller come out with their own accessory.

The canopy requires the safety bar to attach. The back and sides can roll up and out of the way, but the front and 1/4 of the side panels are fixed. The windows are tinted for 50 UPF protection.

Riese & Muller says the rain cover height is 31” (78 cm) in the front position and 30” (76cm) in the rear. I assume that is the internal height, but I am waiting for clarification.

My favorite feature of this rain cover is that it folds out of the way. This is ideal for parking or storage. 

Price is €199.90


It is always a good sign when a brand invests more in accessories. It means the model will be around for a bit longer, and they are taking the cargo bike space seriously. I’m hopeful they will round out the Raincover to be a full system for terrible weather.

What do you think? Will these accessories sway you to purchase one of the models? Let us know in the comments!

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