New Urban Arrow FamilyNext Cargo Bike

Urban Arrow dropped an exciting new update to their Family front-loading cargo bike called the FamilyNext. Let’s dig into what you should know about it.

TLDR? Check out the video

This is a refined and updated footprint of the Urban Arrow family—probably the most popular front-loader cargo bike in the US. 

Important Updates for the FamilyNext Cargo Bike

It has a front suspension fork, the Suntour Mobie34 CGO boost. Some people will rejoice about this, while others will not want the additional service that comes with suspension.

A redesigned EPP box to give even more space; it looks like the front of the box is more squared off, giving space for the suspension fork but also keeping the height of the top of the box slightly taller to go over the fork steerer. The back of the box is taller, giving more of a backrest for growing kids or when an adult hops in.  A welcoming sight is the cutout step, which is moved further back on the box for kids to climb into the box more easily. 

The eBike system is the Bosch smart system with a Cargo Line motor giving you 85Nm of torque and the Kiox 300 display. It does not have the Bosch Connect Module installed, which means if you want the Bosch GPS and alarm, you’ll need to buy and have it installed.

There are additional lights called the “design LED lights” that you can purchase for the front corners of the protection tube.

Updated Urban Arrow Accessories

The new front end of the Urban Arrow FamilyNext requires all new accessories.

Pricing and Availability

The colors are green or black, and the starting price is $6,999 before any accessories.

Sadly, for now, this will only be available in some regions of Europe, so for all of us in North America – we may need to wait. We typically get new Urban Arrow products 2 years after they launch in their main regions.


What do you think of this new FamilyNext? Does it have enough upgrades for you?

This is a nice, soft step forward for a brand that hasn’t made huge changes to its iconic Family model for over 7-8 years. I do wish they wouldn’t use the CamelCase in the naming; it is trendy and not at all expected from such a brand that has only used black/white on its bikes for a decade.

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