Tern Secures the Price-Conscious Buyer with Quick Haul Long Midtail Cargo Bike

There has been a growing separation between “premium” and “budget” midtail cargo bikes. The budget cargo bikes often have hub drive motors or underpowered mid-drive eBike systems with 1 or 2-year warranties, while the more affordable premium options have a low rear rack weight limit. Today, Tern launched the Quick Haul Long midtail cargo bike to help the market reimagine with an affordable yet reliable cargo bike can be.

Say Hello to the Tern Quick Haul Long Midtail Cargo Bike

Key “talking” features:

  • $3,799 USD
  • 419 lbs / 190 kg max gross vehicle weight
  • 264 lbs / 120 kg max rider weight
  • One size fits most 5’1 – 6’1″ (155 – 185 cm)
  • Bosch eBike System 2 Cargo Line motor and a single 500Wh PowerPack battery
  • The accessories that drive people to buy a Tern over others also work with the Quick Haul Long. Clubhouse Gen 3, Storm Shield, front racks, and more.

The size range is more limited than the Tern GSD. It only has one battery, the handle post can’t fold out of the way, and you only have one choice in models, so there aren’t any fancy drivetrains or lighting packages to choose from. This is a workhorse midtail cargo bike.

This is a true midtail cargo bike that can carry 2 kids, 1 adult, or a boatload of cargo with the 419 lb max gross vehicle weight. Tern stripped off many of the bells and whistles they had added to the GSD Gen 2 (suspension, locking kickstand, brake lights, and more) to deliver what reminds me of the GSD Gen 1, minus the folding handlepost and inflation we have been dealing with over the last 4 years.

I’ve had a sample of this bike in for a few days, but I haven’t spent enough time on it to share a review, so here are 7 things you should know about the Quick Haul Long in a quick video format.

7 Things You Should Know

What is so Special About this Cargo Bike?

What makes this bike exciting isn’t solely the bike but the brand behind it. Ask any dedicated cargo bike shop what their favorite cargo bikes are, and Tern will be at the top. They have been building cargo bikes for 7 years now, and this is the eighth model they have developed if I count right. Each model is refined, pulling things they have learned from other bikes and accessories to make this one even better.

The Tern Warranty and 7-Year Support

If you want to know how seriously a cargo bike company takes its bike design and commitment to customers, look at the warranty.

Tern has had an extended 10-year warranty for as long as I’ve known the brand, but hidden down the Quick Haul Long page is a new 7-Year Support section that sounds much like Bosch’s commitment to providing parts 6 years after they have finalized manufacturing of a motor system.

Tern will have replacement parts available for your Quick Haul Long for a minimum of 7 years from the date of purchase. 


Tern Accessories

A cargo bike is not a great cargo bike without the accessories, and most of the sought-after accessories for the Tern GSD will work on the Quick Haul Long. Examples:
✅ Transporteur and Hauler front racks
✅ Clubhouse Gen 3 and Captain Chair Gen 2
✅ Storm Shield

Tektro derailleur and shifter

Serviceable Anyone

This bike is still a bike without any special parts, and any good Bosch mechanic will be able to service this bike. Additionally, this is a great bike to service yourself beyond the Bosch parts.

Cargo Bike Tests You Should Know About

Thankfully, we no longer have to champion safe eBike systems for cargo bikes, but there is much to know about buying a safe cargo bike.

UL-2849 is the gold standard for ensuring your entire eBike electric system meets the demands of cargo bike life. Everything from your battery, charger, display, motor, and wiring has been tested to ensure it can handle being a car replacement.

The new DIN79010 Cargo Bike testing standard from Germany tests the entire bike and its important touchpoints, including the frame, fork, handlebar, stem, and wheels, to ensure they meet the weight rating a bike brand claims. This should be a requirement for selling cargo bikes in 2024.

The Quick Haul Long has both a UL-2849 Bosch eBike System and has also passed the DIN79010 testing standard. You don’t have to worry about safety when choosing this more affordable cargo bike.

Who is the Quick Haul Long For?

Honestly, if I were paying full retail for a cargo bike and knew I needed to spend another $800-1200 on accessories, this would be a strong contender on my list.

Buyer 1: You have a specific budget to stay within but want a Bosch-equipped bike or need some Tern accessories other brands do not offer. You also may have been looking at the used market so you could get a quality mid-tail cargo bike with Bosch.

Buyer 2: You don’t want bells and whistles; you want a reliable workhorse cargo bike that can carry a load. You don’t care about suspension, internally geared hubs, or fancier brakes.

Buyer 3: You prefer the more agile feel of the Quick Haul Long. (This is where test riding is very important!)


This bike was only a concept when I worked at Tern, and I’m impressed with what they accomplished. It isn’t the plush ride of the GSD or HSD, but it is going to get the job done and help get more people on safe, reliable, cargo bikes.

In the upcoming weeks, I plan to continue my testing and publish a final review alongside additional content, including a full bike walkthrough and a video comparing the Quick Haul Long vs. GSD Gen 2. Please let me know what you would like to see!

Learn more about the Quick Haul Long on Tern Bicycles

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  1. No smart system?

    Feels like a way to pawn off old tech by hiding it in a new SKU??

  2. Great review.
    The new bike looks so interesting. The QH has really fit into its niche and I have no doubt that the Long will do the same!

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